Arts Wellington's Work

Arts Wellington is currently operating under the Wellington Region Art & Cultural Development Trust (Arts Wellington) Strategic Plan 2007-2010.

Our Mission

'Arts Wellington will play a lead role in the development of a flourishing arts, culture and heritage sector and, in doing so, will directly contribute to the social and economic well-being of individuals, arts organisations and of the Wellington Region.'

Our mission is reflected through three goals which focus on:

  • Retaining and growing an audience for the sector
  • Increasing the sector’s contribution to the social and economic well-being of the region
  • Building on and substantiating Wellington’s position as the ‘Arts Capital’ of New Zealand

Strategic Priorities

Arts Wellington undertakes to support the work and sustainability of its members and to strengthen the region’s status as a centre of creativity and innovation, via four strategic priorities.

  • Networking – Provide sector representation and networking opportunities for the industry with stakeholders, partners and other key influencers
  • Communication platforms – Provide communication platforms and facilitation to enable sector collaboration
  • Building capability – Strengthen sector capability by providing quality market research, education and best practice case studies.
  • Advocacy – Provide a strong and credible voice for the sector


From the four strategic priorities, our activities flow. Examples include:

  • Facilitation of membership driven Strategic Marketing Sessions – platform for members to discuss marketing strategy and identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Opportunities updates – sector relevant e-news bulletin with ‘opportunities’ from within our membership and beyond
  • The Big Look-See (I (May 2006) & II (June 2007)) – a hugely successful, region-wide, collaborative audience development initiative that focuses on ‘demystifying’ the arts for audiences (the 2007 event attracted 14,932 attendees and involved 28 organisations at 19 venues)
  • The Arts Monitor – our regional audience research programme
  • Quarterly Forums – providing members the platform to air and discuss cross-sector issues and concerns
  • On-going facilitation of the Arts Partners Network – an informal networking group for people working in arts administration
  • Advocacy with Creative New Zealand, Wellington City & Hutt City Councils through regular liaison meetings and reporting mechanisms
  • Delivery of Business Development Workshops in 2006 in conjunction with Positively Wellington Business
  • An Arts Marketing Review carried out in 2005 –  assessed current marketing activities undertaken by the sector, identified opportunities for collaborative involvement and areas that could benefit from improvement